I am currently taking a Political Philosophy course at university.

I am definitely seeing the appeal of post-graduate work in a specific area of study. It is obvious that there is so much to cover in this one course that the material covered is not enough for mastery. And it would be great to be a well known commentator with a doctorate in just one sub-category of Political Science and make a name for myself.

This blog is already looking a bit different to me now, lot’s of my thoughts were covered by thinkers I am reading about now and I was presenting them as my own thoughts. It is nice to know that there is a great history of likeminded individuals who struggle with the same subjects I do, though I had no doubt there were such people, it is nice to have a guide to the academic world’s take on it all.

I am wondering, if I ever become an academic of note, if I will keep this blog as a reminder that I started out with a sloppy Journal of thoughts.

I noticed my blog is bordering on a thousand views, I am also wondering who finds it interesting in it’s current state.

I have been thinking that it is a somewhat unprofessional work of musings. But as art at least I think it can be of interest.