All This Anti-Police Sentiment

When I was cuffed when the police was called after a breakdown I resisted and it took five officers to throw me in the van. I am grateful that they were all professional and didn’t hurt me, I am sorry I resisted but I was not quite myself at the time. When the first cuff was on one wrist I panicked and tore the other hand away and a struggle ensued.

Well at least this police story didn’t end in tragedy, I think there are good cops and bad cops just like in the movies. Also the racial profiling isn’t such a thing north of the border it appears. Though I am white of course.

The one female officer that first approached me was actually quite friendly. If they hadn’t decided to put handcuffs on me I probably would have gotten into the squad car without resisting. The cuffs just sent me into a panic, I also didn’t really think they would do that.

The thing is I am not a cop or soldier hater, I respect what they are supposed to do in civilized society when things don’t work out. I just wish it weren’t necessary and that there weren’t bad cops and soldiers. I don’t like how when some officers do something wrong, they are targeted in general, it should be just the wrongdoers, if you generalize than you are also guilty of profiling which is of course ironic.

I am of course critical of the militarization of the police, especially in the United States, it doesn’t help when officers are trained to think of civilians as hostile forces and not citizens with rights. I have said in conversation that if the U.S. government ever becomes corrupt enough to use it’s armed forces for mass police-state style suppression of the population at large, their forces, due to the nature of American patriotism, would largely disobey orders. The military might actually rebel. I think it’s a cool feature of American patriotism and hope it endures. If only we lived in a global federation with this feature, it’s still all this “us and them” bullshit.

Edit: When I wrote this I wasn’t aware of how much racism still exists in Canada in the system and otherwise. I blame it Canada’s really good PR. I apologize for my ignorance.

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