Are People Really That Different?

It must be the case that humans are actually quite different to each other, what seems intuitive to me politically is obviously not what lots of people think.

I didn’t grow up in a household that was socialist or anything like that, I am not emulating things from my childhood, what makes me such a convinced socialist? I mean I am not even exposed to that much socialist propaganda, I would like to think that I just thought it sounded right. Why are there so many people voting for regressive politicians? I wish I could experience being another human being so that I could truly know their thought process, I am curious how different they experience reality. Maybe it isn’t as important to them, it’s maybe just something that happens far away to them, so it just becomes a fashion statement? It’s frustrating, why would anyone want to live in a racist, homophobic police state? Lots of people voted for Hitler obviously, you could say that it was out of desperation though, things were really bad when he got elected, nothing like now. Are there seriously people on the top who just want to mess with people? Must be. Who would want less security from the government? I don’t get it. Is it really that important to be in a dog eat dog world that people would fight for it? It’s sounds stupid to me I am sorry.

It is nice to have variety in many things, but I wouldn’t mind if people thought more like me.

And where does all this hate come from? I understand punishing a criminal, or looking down on backward cultural practices. But just because you are of a different race? It’s all so god damned stupid.

I supported Bernie and got Trump, lately I am more and more glad that I don’t have to spend eternity here.

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