I have decided to start blogging again, I don’t like the VLOG anymore, I am noticing that my delivery is very stiff and wooden, I haven’t taken any acting lessons ok? I’ll probably film a last episode concluding it, I find I prefer to write than perform, it wasn’t so appealing to film after the novelty wore off, also I didn’t go viral like I had hoped, lol.

What’s new?
We are planning to get married on the 23rd of July. Here’s to a new life! I quite enjoy my fiance’s company, I think it will be a good partnership, I wish she didn’t have to work so hard though, I feel kinda useless just “working” on my art and earning nothing, working in quotation marks because I earn nothing and it’s not like any of my day jobs, because I enjoy my work.
I still haven’t started my proposed photography project that I mentioned earlier, not sure when I will do that yet.
My manuscript is being edited and I am not yet sure how I am going to go about publishing it, details to follow.
I have been despairing that so many people aren’t like-minded and there are so many, sorry to be insulting, “political primitives” roaming about getting the “Fly Weight Hitlers” elected. At least the French election didn’t turn out disastrous like the American one, but still, another neo-liberal douche.
I am still waiting to hear back from the University of Calgary on whether I got accepted to start on getting a bachelor of arts with a major in political science in the fall, I am hoping I get accepted, I have wanted to get a degree in poli-sci since I was a teen, and I am still very passionate about politics and have enjoyed all my classes so far, I don’t know if I would make such a good scientist though, I am a bit too emotional about my political beliefs, which isn’t terribly scientific of me. I wonder again if I will make it, and maybe even get my PhD in poli-sci one day, I have my doubts my mind is capable of pulling that off though. It would be so cool to be a scientist though, it’s one of my childhood ambitions, I got into art when I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and felt that I couldn’t achieve my dreams, and obviously take advantage of the romanticism surrounding madmen, but I have come to love my art in the meantime and it is fun to do, but when I was a child my goal was never to become an artist I must admit.
I wish more people interacted with comments, I have tweeted some famous people with no luck, not surprising considering the volume, but still, it would make my day. I see all these thousands of comments and wish people would interact with me more, I made a friend on DeviantART though, he lives in Calgary too and likes my photography, so even if it isn’t millions of fans, it is nice to be appreciated and have a new fan. I really wish I could have more discussions on this blog or on youtube, I am pouring out my heart and mind and kinda wish I had a fan community, I am so jealous of the pros. I am probably cursed to remain obsure, I have to learn to take pride in being an obscure artist I suppose, there is the advantage that I can just do passion projects and not just cater to the wallets of the masses. Maybe my academic ambitions will be fulfilled, but that is also not certain yet.