The Reason I Am So Open About My Condition

I was told that I shouldn’t label myself as “schizophrenic” by a friend because all my bios online include that. The reason I do it though is that I feel I can help reduce stigma and give a face to something that still has a mystique (often a negative one) in pop-culture.

Though as I have mentioned there is also the fact that I can gain from this mystique. Gotta look out for myself you know?

3 responses to “The Reason I Am So Open About My Condition”

  1. Did you friend point out that you don't just label yourself schizophrenic, but that you say you suffer from schizophrenia. It's all in the wording! You could be \”sleeping with schizophrenia\” or \”living with schizophrenia\” or \”kicking ass with schizophrenia\”. Wording matters! 🙂


  2. He did mention that I could say \”I am blessed with schizophrenia\”. I dunno, \”living with schizophrenia\” is popular now, I am not sure if I want to word it like that, I feel that it has been more of a burden so far in my life than a gain.


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