Otaku Culture

I considered myself a gaijin otaku for a while when I was a teen/young adult, but lately I haven’t been doing much to maintain this. I haven’t really liked most of the anime that is coming out sticking to the shows and movies I grew up with. A friend of mine commented that it’s because I am getting old, but unlike anime, I like listening to new music, I got into dubstep for a while, so I beg to differ. I admit shows like “Love Hina” have lost their appeal as an old grumpy white man, but shows like Bebop and Champloo I still enjoy watching. I often wish there were more anime that appealed to people who like anime like this, at least American TV is making lots of good stuff for geeks/nerds that I still enjoy. I totally understand Miyazaki saying the anime industry sucks. I still play Mario Bros a lot, but that hardly makes me an Otaku right? 😀

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