I have been thinking a lot about my dual nature, or to put it more rudely, my hypocrisy.

I want to be beyond such things as nations, but I like supporting my indigenous nations. I believe in animal rights, but I eat meat. I want peace, but I find militaries and weapons cool. I support feminism, but I like to consume sexy media.

It’s a weakness of character I feel, I want to be more like what I preach.

At least I don’t hold public office of any kind and am not famous, I am the one who cares about it the most at this point.

My mind is a battleground, and not just because of the schizophrenia.

I think the easiest thing to change would be to start eating cultured meat instead of traditional if and when it becomes available to the masses.

It’s like having a shadow me and ideal me living under the same skin.

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