I Am Power Hungry, It’s Been 20 Days Since I Tried To Take Over The World

That’s probably bad, I want to rule the world, honestly I would do good things. Hinotu from X 1999 is super cool, she advises the government with her visions trying to save the earth. I want to be like her, a super powerful person who helps the government from behind the scenes. Yeah, maybe that is better, why assassinate me if I am unknown to the public? It’s still power, it’s just unadmired by the masses, and considering the masses voted for Hitler and Trump who wants their admiration anyways? Maybe a wise a kind elite is best after all, I still believe in democratic ideals, I just think that this is a complicated subject that is more than just voting for some politicians and mass voting, especially considering the original democracy was in a society that still had slavery. So what are democratic ideals to me? That everyone matters is probably the most important thing to me, and that everyone should have the right to be happy if possible as long as that doesn’t entail harming others second (if you harm others your rights can be suspended, duh, see jail). The fact that Hitler was elected makes me think that voting for people isn’t the key ingredient to a healthy democracy, but making sure everyone has a voice, that shouldn’t just be an x on a ballot, especially if there are bad people on the ballot. Now with the internet there is a much more efficient way to make sure everyone can be heard, maybe make social media the key ingredient to a healthy democracy. We would still need social workers for those too weak to have a voice in this brave new world.

Edit: And honestly, I consider these “criminals” the weak, they are too weak to live in society as most do. I know dealing with violent people is difficult and dangerous, but at least accept that everyone has a story.

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