It is definitely a part of my identity, I was baptized catholic after all, I like some of the rituals and art it has created. I like some aspects of the moral codex. I no longer consider myself a member of the church. But I would call my self my own kind of catholic now, I feel like it is my primary religious trait, since it was a part of my upbringing, I was rejecting it for a while because I was angry at it’s flaws, so I started studying what is left and what was reconstructed of the Germanic religion, but honestly, it is too harsh a religion for me, nonetheless fascinating. And I think Catholicism is capable of helping teach people to be good. I described myself as a agnostic patchy catholic on twitter earlier today and said I’d write more on my blog. Of the three I am primarily agnostic.

Though I must say again, that Odin giving his eye for knowledge was better than the guilt trip of the apple.