Things Going On In My Life

Still living the married life, that’s been good. Since I started this blog I was hospitalized thrice though, this summer I was in the hospital twice, all for psychiatric reasons. I ended up changing meds to abilify this summer, which I prefer, one of the major side effects is gone and I am sleeping like a normal person again. I am still enrolled at the U of C as a political science major but my studies are on hold due to the inability to get student loans right now (I won’t bother you with the details). I am currently looking for a dayjob and did some seasonal work for Christmas at the Austrian-Canadian cultural center. Honestly, I am quite sick of the hospital. I have now been to the mental ward for an extended amount of time seven separate times, I always just want to go home. I am currently extremely stable by my own judgement, but who knows? I should just move into that luxury mental ward/palace I was proposing, it would save a lot of stress. 😛 I hope I can figure out funding for university, if I can get a day job for a while it should be doable, the seasonal work I was able to do, so as long as someone hires me I should be able to do some minimum wage work, the income would be extremely welcome.

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