I tweeted a while ago, to the effect of, that my schizophrenia might have been induced by the CIA or whatnot to discredit me before I even begin, is it really that far-fetched? A young socialist suddenly in Vienna looking into getting into politics, bi-lingual with a Canadian passport, I’d definitely show up on their radar. Also, I don’t want to be dismissed as just some crazy person and this theory helps me think I can contribute positively to the cause. Can you do such a thing CIA? Please release classified files and disabling potential threats abroad. It would really help me and my comrades if you did that and admitted you did this to me.

It might also be because of your paranoia of Austrians and Germans due to the Nazis.

I mean there is no history of mental illness in my family that I am aware of.

I admit I might be wrong about this whole things though, I wonder what Chomsky would say.