Anh Thieu Lao

I think I hallucinated her after her passing recently, I saw her watching me outside our home, she was made of pure light.

I don’t know what it means, but I hope she watches over us with her kindness.


Mimi saved my life.

Edit: (I was in danger of becoming a bitter old man I figure, the kind that make the world worse, her love for me renewed my love for life)

Frustration With Undergrad Studies

It is starting to feel like they are trying to teach me things I simply can’t learn very well or at all, not due to lack of intelligence, but due to the cruelty of some realities as they stand.

Also not sure what the future holds for Mimi’s care, I was considering shifting gears if she needs me to take more intensive care of her.

Repeating Myself

Flags are dumb unless they are just a human “plumage” game, I won’t kneel to some dumb flag, our common humanity is far more important.

Divided we fall.

Started With This

I have been working on an RPG world to play with Mimi in. I hope she comes back to us from her stroke event soon and is well enough to play.

Game Master’s Equipment
Title of prototype RPG

My Life Goals at Eighteen

I wanted to gain admittance to law school to eventually become a politician with some kind of law degree(s).

In hindsight I sound like such a boring kid.