On Debate

This blog does not consist of decrees, if you want more info on a post please debate me, I am flexible if proven wrong, also some of the stuff from days gone by in terms of my post content is no longer current within my psychological makeup.

Some Self-Criticism

Regarding the entire body of my artistic ourburst on the internet.

It was perhaps hotheaded, whether it was a poor decision or not remains to be seen.

I’m sorry, I was VERY lonely.

For A New Political Science

When I commenced classes after starting my path towards an undergraduate degree in political science at the university of calgary I was informed by an instructor during commencement that poltical science is the study of power relationships. Though useful, I feel that cold fact is the reason people get alienated from science when not a part of its establishment.

Science is supposed to serve humanity. Then I argue that anything worthy of the name of “poltical science” should be the study of how to help humanity through the inclusion of everyone in poltical debate. There are now so many tactics for excluding people from our so called “democracy”, such as voter supression, the corrupt prison system, or even calling people mentally ill. It is obviously communist to have everyone a part of the democratic process instead of relegating power to a bunch of wealthy persons.

For a poltical science that enables all to be a part of humanity in a meaningful way!

Unless I Become An Actually Informed General or Something Like That

I am gonna try and refuse to discuss the news, once you see lies, censorship, and mutiple narratives I feel like I am not qualified to make any real analysis. I don’t know who to trust anymore. Too many power hungry people with an interest in selling arms is all I have been taught.

In Defense Of Some Of My European People Using Materialism

I mean we got some super awesome tech when resource wars were real and not artifical, it probably added more to our war obsession at a volatile time in our development.

Not sure this is original, but thought I’d share this thought.

My advice is realize this and overcome warmongering.

I’d Like To Repost Something I Deleted From My Blog

Biggest Big Name Influences:

Frida Kahlo:

For teaching me I can contribute despite my illness

Friedensreich Hundertwasser:

For teaching me to fight for peace and express myself radically

Pablo Picasso:

For teaching me to express myself in as many ways as possible

Caspar David Friedrich:

For teaching me to see beauty in nature

Vincent van Gogh:

For teaching me to work hard despite no Earthly reward

Annie Leibovitz:

For teaching me how beautiful photography can be

Steve McCurry:

For teaching me to explore the other

Joel Meyerowitz:

For teaching me to see the beauty in everyday life

Snorri Sturluson:

For teaching me about our heritage and openness of the spiritual mind

Gene Roddenberry:

For teaching me that a better tomorrow will come

William Shakespeare:

For teaching me to radically express love

Brothers Grimm:

For teaching me that escape fiction is potentially dangerous and beautiful

Patrick Stewart:

For teaching me morals through his depiction of Picard

Brent Spiner:

For teaching me to see the beautiful in the other through the depiction of Data

Leonard Nimoy:

For teaching me to embrace more than one world

John de Lancie:

For teaching me to think without constraint

Neil Gaiman:

For teaching me to appreciate my own thoughts despite what doctrine mandates

Douglas Adams:

For teaching me about the absurdity and beauty of comedy

Franz Kafka:

For teaching me to see what it is like to be opressed by the state

Antonio Vivaldi:

For teaching me about thematically paired music and beauty in music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

For teaching me about Genius

Ludwig van Beethoven:

For teaching me about alienation from a corrupt elite and about opportunism

John Winston Ono Lennon:

For teaching me of the poetry in music and to be true to myself despite the danger


For teaching me to love myself despite loss


For teaching me to remember my child self

Martin Luther King Jr.:

For teaching me about the true meaning of justice

Vladimir Lenin:

For teaching me never to think yourself better than others

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin:

For teaching me to be humble despite great power

Mao Zedong:

For being disciplined when it comes to doing revolutionary work

Friedrich Engels:

For teaching me to rise above petty narratives and embrace materialist analysys of human societies

Karl Marx:

For giving me hope that we can indeed create a better world

Anh Thieu Lao

I think I hallucinated her after her passing recently, I saw her watching me outside our home, she was made of pure light.

I don’t know what it means, but I hope she watches over us with her kindness.