Using The “Unceded Land” Acknowledgement In Some Of My Content

I don’t actually support throwing out people who have lived here for hundreds of years back to Europe (though Shadowrun scenarios do amuse me). I just want to point out with this form of land acknowledgement that treaties were violently broken and there is justified rage in this entire state of affairs. Talk to me about it, I am not confident about it, also I am basically an American newcomer, so sorry if I don’t understand all this as well as I should.

Mortal Coil

You can debate whether I am wise or not, but when it comes to protecting my mortal coil I might be a lunatic. (sincerely sorry if that word triggers you, since I agree that we should have more sensitive language, but I feel I can use it to make this point)

Credit Image: Manuel Breva Colmeiro / Getty Images – Curated by Monica Pardo

Some Of The More Prominent Social Media

I feel like they are designed to kill people sometimes by bogging them down with negative bullshit, putting up with it because you think you belong to the fake “metaverse”.

Uncoded Fame

If my suspicions are correct, I might be pushing some people further than should be done.

I apologize in advance.


I really miss the happy warm feelings of optimism for the future when the ISS started, this new cold war posturing between NATO and China is so disgusting.