Some Tweet Somewhere

I tweeted something to the effect of “Christ died so you can be a monster and feel good about it because Christ died for your sins?”

That’s messed up.

Sure Star Trek Has Flaws

But it would be pretty cool if it ends up birthing Starfleet in some form.

I have evidence it already has.


Considering My Paranoia

When I saw Emperor Emeritus Akihito maybe I saw that he was a tortured man, in the sense of the weight of the world still perhaps being unkind? Maybe due to my intelligence I saw this, but its just a theory, and became sick from seeing someone under that much duress. I don’t actually know, it is within the realm of reason anyways.

I am always waiting for the the next threat to present itself, always anticipating the next move. Maybe that is what it is like to be powerful or prominent or whatever. It’s weird because to my knowledge when I am not controlled by my paranoid thoughts I am just a (mostly) everyday human, especially up until my first breakdown. I mean I was always overly intelligent and more nerdy than some, but that describes a large swath of humanity.

Its probably another reason communism without leader worship is a good thing in my mind, nobody should have to have that much pressure on them.

Note to Self and all my Readers

I think I will never force myself to do creative output again (I don’t do it much anyways), I will attempt to only do creative making when I am inspired to do so.

The reason I am writing this is I was considering incorporating a film studio, honestly, I don’t want to run a company now that I consider it some more, I just want to sit in my corner of the internet for now and do what I have been doing so far. I am honestly pretty happy where I am right now, ambition has been perverting me, which is unacceptable.

The greatest show on Earth

The day it is revealed it is all a show, that nations are lies, and the people in your life are the ones that are important.

When we mature.

Self-Centered Pronoia lately

I feel like I do actually have cashflow, but because I am insane it is being spent for me, since insane people shouldn’t be allowed to invest or something.

I just hope my money is spent on gay communist Star Trek.

Yes I pretend to be a Star Trek producer.


I know I said in the past that I thought “Stalin was the worst thing to happen to communism”, but now I see I have been blinded by capitalist lies. Under him the fascists were defeated. And so much of this Stalin bashing is just capitalists pointing yonder.