Geekdom and Sci-Fi

I find that as an art-form, science-fiction has a lot to say intellectually. Maybe not all sci-fi can claim that it has expanded human knowledge, but some works have offered visions, commentary, and predictions which can be debated.

It still doesn’t excuse being overly obsessed with it just because sci-fi is sci-fi and its being geeky. But it is I find a rewarding way to look at the world with new eyes and see perspectives that aren’t found in the world today and history.

I wish it didn’t have such a bad reputation as being immature, I suppose not all of it can be ground-breaking, there has to be room for shlock.

The European Union As A Prototype

I think European Integration under the E.U. is a good demonstration model on how a global federal state could be created.

I don’t know if the E.U. will endure or crumble, but it has done some great pioneering work in making a supranational federation. And I think this is where the future should go when it comes to global governance. I do remember stating that I would like more regional autonomy to create participatory motivation, but there are some matters that would still require global governance, which areas those are exactly is too tricky a question to answer with a simple musing, but dealing with crisis areas and situations would be a top thought.

The E.U. defines itself in one way as an institution that secures the peace in Europe by promoting cross-border market integration. I think this would translate globally quite well. It remains to be seen how well the new Eastern member states can be brought up to level of their Western counterparts through E.U. policy and leadership, but just because that might not go so well doesn’t mean that an institution such as the E.U. can not be the vessel of such change.

Maybe the U.N. can still be transformed into a global federation.

Edit: I no longer consider “federations” adequate revolutionary systems of human organization.

Speaking Of The Immaturity Of Many People Again

It is a sickness of the first world for sure, but also, since I have been having such thoughts so late in my life I am wondering how much there is to the whole 30 is the new 20 thing.

People appear to be maturing later and sometimes not at all in affluent societies. I wonder if this should be fought in the educational system? I definitely think that the education system needs to be a priority when dealing with the next generation. But immaturity in adulthood, should it be a specific target?

I don’t see the harm, we can always use a more a engaged and liberated population.

University Course

I am currently taking a Political Philosophy course at university.

I am definitely seeing the appeal of post-graduate work in a specific area of study. It is obvious that there is so much to cover in this one course that the material covered is not enough for mastery. And it would be great to be a well known commentator with a doctorate in just one sub-category of Political Science and make a name for myself.

This blog is already looking a bit different to me now, lot’s of my thoughts were covered by thinkers I am reading about now and I was presenting them as my own thoughts. It is nice to know that there is a great history of likeminded individuals who struggle with the same subjects I do, though I had no doubt there were such people, it is nice to have a guide to the academic world’s take on it all.

I am wondering, if I ever become an academic of note, if I will keep this blog as a reminder that I started out with a sloppy Journal of thoughts.

I noticed my blog is bordering on a thousand views, I am also wondering who finds it interesting in it’s current state.

I have been thinking that it is a somewhat unprofessional work of musings. But as art at least I think it can be of interest.

Another Strange Night

I am once again considering my life decisions while trying to sleep. Making big plans to become a more serious person from now on.

But knowing the pattern I will probably just fall back into my usual pattern of life choices and not change a thing.

Also the new show “Blunt Talk” with Patrick Stewart has some serious meta game in my head, it’s all because Captain Picard was and is such a prominent figure in my life. I would say it makes the show better than it is, so there is an advantage to having a disrupted thought process.

Might makes Right

I think might only works so far, obviously enforcing the law of land with armed forces and police can work to let an elite rule without support, but if it’s more than stable civilization can handle then it can crush a civilization or paralyze it.

Here in the West it’s the most minimal amount of force and it works fine in terms of a stable civilization, so it still is an elite supported by might. Which is depressing.

The Greek Polis

Politics should be at the center of life and education like it was when Plato was walking the Earth. Yeah I know, like that’s going to happen. Representative Democracy does seem too prone to abuse by those who are elected, especially after time progresses and patterns emerge.

If everyone were involved we couldn’t blame anyone but ourselves. I even think Rousseau is right to a point that Representative Democracy is a form of hidden slavery for the masses, especially like now when the elite is so distantly wealthy compared to the general population and holds so much influence.


So I went to Vul-Con (A Star Trek and geekdom convention) this weekend and geeked out. It was fun and all, but I must report that I have been thinking about what Simon Pegg said about geek culture.

The whole immaturity of it all; in a world with so many problems should we really be dedicating so much time to entertainment? I don’t like this trend in society, people are more obsessed with what entertainment is on than what is happening in politics and the affairs of humanity. The whole entertainment industry is a kind of propaganda that way; keeping our minds filled with nonsense, keeping us distracted from what is important. Obviously we need a little distraction from reality, but with geeks and nerds it seems to be going too far, and it is becoming more common and chic. Even normal people that don’t consider themselves nerds are more likely to binge watch and there is sports. Whether the propaganda-like quality is intentional or not is not really important, I just know that I am feeling guilty for overindulging in my quest for entertainment when I should be nurturing a more mature side of myself, it’s difficult to be a decent political activist so far away from the action in the world’s power centers, but I would definitely like to be more of a person I can admire.

I should volunteer at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter you know? I am politically aware and active, but not as much as I would like to be.

It’s ironic of course that a prominent pop-culture icon like Simon Pegg should come to mind when considering such things, he’s kind of biting the hand that feeds him. Well, I like him more now in any case.


Why are humans so focused on polarizing debates? It’s capitalism vs. socialism, realism vs. idealism, liberalism vs. conservatism, etc.

I wish we were more intent on taking the best of both sides and creating something that works best.