Novel Work

I just had a new idea for the ending that is different from the one I had planned. It’s a light ending opposed to sad one.

It’s cliché I know, but why not be a positive person?

Plato’s Republic

Take it a step further, children bred in artificial wombs and raised by the state. Not alien to science fiction.


Wait, what if automation has taken over and people are bred like in the Matrix movies but instead of being birthed into the Matrix they are introduced to a free humanity?

I know it sounds weird, but it might be necessary for the maintenance of the species, if you believe that is a worthy cause. I think it’s a cool as hell species, so I support continued existence in this Universe for as long as possible.

Wealthy Lethargic Global Population

Unless the promises of automation eventually turn our society into a civilization of total leisure I see that a wealthy population would have a problem of not being productive enough and multiplying enough to maintain itself. But that doesn’t mean we should throw humaneness out the window, there must be a golden balance so that we can have a world without poverty but still have a functioning society.

Dear Dr. Hawking, I hope you don’t cause us to miss the automation revolution train with your Terminator future predictions.

Worshipping People

This whole celebrity worship is so weird, but it’s been around for a long time, sometimes obviously to a worse extent like emperor worship or living deity spiritual leaders’ worship (which is still around).

I do like some prominent people myself, but I like to think of them as human like me. I think the worst thing I have is that I like some famous hotties and think too much about them. Television and movies do present some of these people in such favourable light that it’s hard to resist the urge to think of them as more than just people.

I am guilty of it myself having said all that.

My National Identity

I have touched on this a little before, but I am realizing that I am legally Canadian but I am actually an Austrian-German. I have neither the Austrian or German citizenship, but when I cheer I don’t really cheer for Canada. I like watching movies and TV from back home and speak German fluently since I partially grew up in Vienna. Also, my blood is Austrian-German, I struggle with Holocaust guilt and not with Canadian guilt. Memorial day has always been weird for me because my relatives all fought on the side opposed to Canada and it’s allies. I just feel this way, it’s not really something I chose, it just developed on it’s own as I grew up. I can’t really pinpoint what caused me to favor my blood’s identity, one thing I have thought about is that America is all stolen land and I don’t really belong here, but that isn’t the only factor, there’s also the fond memories of growing up in Vienna, it probably also has subconscious dimensions I don’t know about and there is the bro thing I mentioned earlier.

It is a stupid situation because I now reside in Canada and am kinda stuck here for various reasons.



You know what should be tried if it were possible?

A government that was in support of all sorts of human rights except the right to choose a stupid backwards government. That would have prevented the Nazis from getting elected right?

So far non democratic governments have generally been awful, but what if it were a really good government with constitutional laws that institute not only positive social policy but the kinds of freedoms we find in the most developed nations.

I think China has potential to become a country that operates like this, if it lost it’s nasty human rights record it could be a really nice place to live even if you can only vote for one party. Making a perfect set of laws to prevent corruption is obviously a tall task and having no way to change it in the future does pose problems of adjusting to new societal conventions as they appear, but I think such a country would possibly not have enough of a critical populace to support a revolution. China does have problems currently with rewinding on socialist policy, becoming more capitalist, and it still has a large amount of poor rural people, so it wouldn’t be perfect in it’s current form.

I am not anti-democratic in principle, but I do think that certain policies are inherently right and shouldn’t really be up for debate. I think maybe a hybrid would be good, having democratic referendums when it comes to non-fundamental policy. This is ideally how a constitution should operate, but we have seen that in nation’s current forms constitutional laws can be eroded, or in the case of the Nazis completely eliminated.

Art and Business

I don’t think I am a very good businessman, I do art that I like, I don’t go for mass appeal.

I like it, there are surely other people who have the same tastes as I do, it would be almost impossible for me to be unique in that regard.

I don’t hate corporate art, I enjoy blockbusters and triple-A videogames, I don’t even think they are worth less artistically, though attributing so much credit to single creators seems illogical since they are all team creations.

I wonder if I will ever sell any of my works? I am kind of jealous of all these business artists.


I am also thinking that socialism is the most advanced way of looking at politics, everything else sort of holds high the state of nature in some way, “survival of the fittest” and all that stuff.

I think we should be capable of being more than just animals fighting for our daily lives.

Edit: Every human life is valuable, and while I am at it, I don’t think a fetus qualifies. We don’t even treat children like real people in many ways. Denying the right to abortion is also giving a fetus rights over the destiny of a mother and her circles, which is backwards and denying the basic human right of choice to a person.

Edit: What are we, animals or humans?

Ideas For My Novel

I had several good ideas in the middle of the night while sleeping at a friend’s place for my novel and jotted them down on my smartphone.

I love my smartphone.

I had what I think is a good idea for the end and some concepts I’d like to work into the story.

To Be Fair

I did actually once try to commit suicide over 10 years ago, I botched it (obviously), but it was a serious attempt. As stated, I don’t want to put anyone through that and it was the one time, a momentary lapse of judgment.

So, sorry for having a moment of weakness.