Athens and Jerusalem

In dominant classical Greek thought the human mind can conquer anything given enough scientific rigor, in Abrahamic thought the human mind can conquer anything meant to be understood but unless one is a prophet one can not understand the divine from what I understand.

I have been arguing that these two ways of knowing may be unknowable by the human mind, at least at this point in human history and perhaps for all of human existence. Faith is therefore to me a somewhat alien decision besides the evidence I have that this universe is so neatly ordered.

Denying the prophetical nature of figures is of course dangerous in many parts of the world, so I won’t blather on.

Credit to my political philosophy class for letting me express myself in this manner.


For putting anyone in my circle in danger.

How Dare They Make Their Own Narrative?

I don’t know about you but I don’t like being fed lies, people get hooked on so many story narratives that mean or say nothing. I was scrolling social media for a long time and I didn’t learn much from it besides that I don’t like it. But there are also these convoluted story rich narratives to get stuck in, like in my case Star Trek, at least it is more focused now I would argue. It goes back to my writings on maturity. What kind of person do you want to be, do you want to be led around like a fool and lulled to sleep or be on your feet.

The metaverse is an attempt at the full lulling of the worker population it would appear, just an observation. We are run by a bunch of fucking pricks if you ask me. We aren’t even human anymore in the capitalist world, neither highest class nor lowest, deformed humans, I suppose this is what is meant by “communists are conservatives” in the sense that we were probably more in tune with our social nature before everyone wanted to be a god damned entity.

Tristan and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

Tristan mentioned to me the energy currency thing to me and that reminded me of the old 4x Alpha Centauri.

An Energy expenditure based currency if implemented to replace the current world currencies (which would be difficult I admit) would show actual carbon footprints so quickly and we could curb reckless carbon creation due to the un-affordability of some types of industry.

It’s a great idea honestly.


Profit worshipping capitalism is a religion, a religion that stinks.

Don’t take my word for it, look it up, but at least communism is trying to be scientific with human welfare in mind.

Imperialist Wars Can Suck It

I don’t care about your war historically unless it was actually just, like defeating genocidal maniacs. Bunch of fucking weapon selling fucks can go to hell.

I mean I care about your war in terms of how much it fucked you over for weapon shilling swine.

Is the second world war a social experiment by the victorious powers of WW1 gone out of control though? I don’t actually know, but yeah, there was evidence cited to me by a prof at the U of C pointing in the direction of allied interference in German affairs before everything went to hell. Look it up, I am curious what other people find. Not that it would excuse the Einsatztruppen being a bunch of monsters in my opinion.

About My New Project

The family saga thing just seems kinda neat, I don’t really believe in authoritarian family structures, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t come from somewhere, and some of that is important to me.

I’ll try not to overshare, so far it is tiny anyways, it is supposed to be very short when it is done also.

You Can Claim Whatever You Like

But the fact that I was a member of Liberal Party in Canada was because of strategic thinking. I didn’t want to be fringe and be isolated, but that was a lifetime ago at this point.

I wasn’t even a liberal.

Call me names for being dishonest with my political affiliation and hating the conservatives more than the liberals.

If you want my advice, don’t do that strategic shit, just be honest with yourself right away, it would have saved me from looking like an idiot.

Now about NDP being non-revolutionary and therefore not extreme enough and probably doomed to fail with any meaningful societal reforms, talk to me, it’s complicated.

Using The “Unceded Land” Acknowledgement In Some Of My Content

I don’t actually support throwing out people who have lived here for hundreds of years back to Europe (though Shadowrun scenarios do amuse me). I just want to point out with this form of land acknowledgement that treaties were violently broken and there is justified rage in this entire state of affairs. Talk to me about it, I am not confident about it, also I am basically an American newcomer, so sorry if I don’t understand all this as well as I should.

Mortal Coil

You can debate whether I am wise or not, but when it comes to protecting my mortal coil I might be a lunatic. (sincerely sorry if that word triggers you, since I agree that we should have more sensitive language, but I feel I can use it to make this point)

Credit Image: Manuel Breva Colmeiro / Getty Images – Curated by Monica Pardo