I know I said in the past that I thought “Stalin was the worst thing to happen to communism”, but now I see I have been blinded by capitalist lies. Under him the fascists were defeated. And so much of this Stalin bashing is just capitalists pointing yonder.

During My Reading

I feel somewhat silly opposing Marxist philosophy in the past at this point. I still think of religious narratives and their ilk as fascinating, but this “God Building” is a fallacy in my mind, I think dealing with our material world to be of the essence of human existence, and that a philosophy that is primarily concerned with such a thing to be more useful when dealing with the body politic of the globe.

I am not kidding, I think the old gods are fascinating for example, but not essential (I did fine without them as a child). The class struggle is at hand and we have nothing to lose but our chains.

What Is Best For Me

Freedom under capitalisms is impossible. Where the wealthy decide what is done. How we live and what we strive for. How we work and what we work for. The ballot box is a infantile delusion of any power. Why would you defend being stepped on?

For a revolution empowering everyone over their lives.

Having said that, I want a as peaceful a transition as possible, but looking at police tactics get crueler and more violent against the protesters I wonder if it also childish to think this is possible.

Stock Market

So if I understand correctly, the billionaire class can just invest in a company with billions of US dollars or what have you into a stock on the stock market and be a productive member of society knowing that in a ideal capitalist scenario this money will be invested in jobs, equipment, research, etc.?

So they can basically do a few clicks on a computer and control large swaths of humanity?

This is broken obviously, also in a 40 hour work week, how are people supposed to self actualize like our billionaire overlords? The billionaires who can be awesomely useful in decision-making with a few minutes of work?

Also what good is the stock market to the average person? It’s like bringing a squirty gun to a nuke fight..

Once again I hope people discuss this with me, but it’s awfully quiet here in my corner of cyberspace.

Communist Me?

I have been exploited in the workplace my entire work-life, fuck capitalism! I have never made more than current minimum wage. I have never been above the poverty line and I am a hard worker. Thx for making me life dependent on the charity of others, big thanks to people who make sure I get more food than I can afford on my income!

Once again, fuck the capitalist ruling class!

I’d probably be dead if I weren’t a cockroach! My current psychiatrist has the bedside manner of of a person who wants his patients to die of depression. (though I have been retraining him to be nicer)

Life Is Unfair

I think that it’s worth fighting for to make it as fair as possible though.

Snippet From “Prelude to Foundation” by Asimov

(In regard to the almost total liberties granted to the capital world’s university system students)

“I imagine, “said Seldon, “that it helps relieve pressure as well. They work off all the smug self-satisfaction a young revolutionary would have, and by the time they take their place in the imperial hierarchy, they are ready to settle down into conformity and obedience.”

Thoughts anyone?